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Crashteams Georgia

Servicing Georgia with accident reconstruction and forensic engineering services.

Crashteams GEORGIA is managed by expert accident reconstructionist James Sloan and will be servicing all communities in Gerogia with the following services:

  • Expert witness testimony
  • Expert consultation
  • Accident reconstruction services regarding all types of collisions:
  • Dealing with issues such as:
    • How fast were they going?
    • Who was driving?
    • Were they wearing a seatbelt?
    • Was there a mechanical component failure?
    • Who ran the red light?
    • How long did it take each party to reach impact?
    • Etc…
  • Event data recorder downloads and interpretation
  • Forensic mapping (measuring crash/crime scenes)
  • Scene diagrams
  • 3D animations and simulations
  • Night visibility and daytime sightlines
  • Photogrammetry (getting measured evidence from old photographs)
  • Vehicle performance testing
  • Crash testing
  • Slip & fall analysis and testing

James Sloan is an ACTAR accredited senior accident reconstructionist and a court certified expert. 

Crashteams GEORGIA is headquartered in St. Simons Island, GA providing immediate service when required. Please review the “Services” section of this site for more detailed information. Often clients are not aware of the many ways that we can be of help. This resource will give you some ideas. Or better yet, just call and speak with us.

Crashteams GEORGIA: (912) 399-1841


Our Experts

James Sloan

Senior Accident Reconstructionist

ACTAR# 1018 


Crashteams GEORGIA

PO Box 24480 Saint Simons Island, GA 31522

(912) 399-1841

 Email:  jsloan@crashteams.com

Areas of Service

Crashteams GEROGIA provides accident reconstruction services from St. Simons Island, GA.